Freedom To Spend

Pierre Schaeffer’s tape manipulations are an early example of technology enabling an independent musician’s imagination while breaking beyond the art form in a wider cultural capacity. Eventually, the redistribution of technology from professional to aspiring musicians shifted sound permanently and personally.

The unchecked experimentation that followed Schaeffer’s in the ’70s and ’80s by self-taught musicians on user-friendly synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines may often have missed academic marks or critical recognition, but were nonetheless revolutionary in spirit.

Sometimes these curious compositions manifested in private press or independent label LPs and cassettes finding fringe music communities to fit and thrive within. Other times they never left the bedroom from which they were conceived.

Freedom To Spend is concerned with autonomous anomalies produced by musicians working within and outside the limits of technology to create intimate art. By virtue of this, the music of Freedom to Spend resonates across a broad sound spectrum, but shares the same detachment from rules and regulation.

Freedom To Spend. Less is more, more or less.

Spend some mind, free your time: