Freedom To Spend

Freedom To Spend is a tear in time. Freedom To Spend examines fully realized yet underrecognized sonic statements from other eras when accessibility to technology to did not always equate to accessible music.

Freedom To Spend is a rip in time. Resurrected from a long lost label of the same name, Freedom To Spend serves as a resource for reexamining fully realized sonic worlds from the earliest era of accessible home studios and electronic music gear.

The unchecked experimentation in the ‘70s and ‘80s by self-taught musicians on user-friendly synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines may often have missed academic marks or critical recognition, but were nonetheless revolutionary in spirit.

These underappreciated and rare recordings from far-flung places and times inspired the long conversations between Pete Swanson and Jed Bindeman that lead to Freedom To Spend’s reactivation. Freedom To Spend recontextualizes albums as the artist might envision them being released for the first time now, collapsing / confusing the timeline / narrative and clinical response to listen to music based on its time of origination.

Nostalgia of music from bygone eras blurs the present and slows imaginations of the future. Freedom To Spend is unconcerned with excavating music for the purpose of celebrating when music was made, rather, music from anytime and anyplace can impart knowledge to better understand our present and inspire our future.

Freedom To Spend. Less is more, more or less.

Spend some mind, free your time: